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Take two of the most outstanding musicians from the Japanese Jazz scene and have them meet with two of the most inventive argentinian musicians from the European scene, get the strength and character of argentine music blend with the refinement of the japanese musical tradition, add some magic on the top, name it « Gaïa Cuatro », and you might get something not only remarquable, but in many ways arresting.                                                            


The impressive virtuosity of the violin player Aska Kaneko is beautifully helped out by the colourful and sophisticated writing style of argentinian composer Gerardo Di Giusto. Furthermore, this exceptional soloist duet is ideally contributed to in a perfectly balanced way by the subtle dialogue between bass player Carlos "El Tero" Buschini and percussionist Yahiro Tomohiro. At the end of the day, these four musicians are taking the art of improvisation at its highest level, with a freedom of expression miles away from standard conventions and predictable recipes. Meanwhile, they are simply working out a totally original music whose natural and spontaneous character make it altogether sounds surprisingly familiar.

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